Selling Your House

selling your home

Our advice at Vicinity Homes to selling your property in Carlisle

During your initial appointment, we will provide you with a free valuation and marketing advice. 

We provide our sellers with a personal property review service. We monitor the interest created on all our properties and review the marketing progress regularly with our sellers. This ensures that all our properties are being marketed correctly and have a realistic asking price for the current market conditions.

Once a viewing has taken place on a property, we will contact the viewers the following day to find their thoughts. We believe all viewing feedback is essential and we endeavour to update our sellers as soon as possible. We can also offer a professional accompanied viewing service which is available seven days a week.

Once an acceptable offer has been achieved, we will monitor the sales progress with you and solicitors until completion.

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Tips To Help Sell Your Home

A potential buyer will look at the property from the outside before making a decision to view. Tidy away anything unsightly, spruce up the front door and give the fence a lick of paint. Remove any weeds from paths/driveways and add colour to your garden or use hanging baskets.

A clean house will always impress a buyer. Tidy away childrens toys, magazine, remote controls etc from the lounge. Make sure all the kitchen work tops are clear and clean. Vases of flowers can make a room look homely and it smells fresh! Clean windows on the inside and outside.

Spruce up the paintwork if there are any marks on the walls. A light neutral colour will always make rooms look brighter and bigger. Also, make time to look at your front door, does it need a clean? Does it need painted? First impressions count.

Are there any holes in walls, broken door knobs, torn carpets? Make an minor repairs if possible to allow the buyers to think they can move in without doing any work.

Make sure all your lights are on before your viewer arrives, including lamps to set a homely feel. Make sure you replace any broken bulbs!

When showing a viewer around your property, remain with them but stand clear of them. For example, stand on the landing and let them in the bedroom first then stand at the door way with them. This will make the room feel bigger.

If it’s a colder time of the year, make sure your heating is on and if you have a fire, make sure it’s on.

Make sure your home smells nice. Bad smells are the biggest negative for buyers. Clear drains, clean bins, open windows prior to the viewing (close them before the viewing), air the kitchen from previous cooking smells and spray the rooms with freshner.

Make sure the garden furniture is set up and the space looks like it can be used. Make sure childrens toys are tidied away and all weeds have been removed.

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